Friday, November 19, 2010

Formerly, Friday: Lake Conestee

This week's Formerly Friday post is certainly a former moment; early in 2010 my husband and I bought our first house prior to the wedding. We were beaming with excitement, but also overwhelmed. Combining two personalities worth of household items is never easy, and we had started to feel too caught up in the logistics of the move. A family day with Bruno and Dixie was desperately needed! How about a walk at the park?

Lake Conestee Nature Park is a secluded wetlands habitat along three miles of the Reedy River in the Donaldson area of Greenville. It's a simple set up; an exceptionally easy trail winds its way along, easily accessible from Mauldin Road or Henderson Avenue. The trail is a wooded boardwalk in some spots. This leisurely walk won't have you worried about tripping or having to bushwhack!

Like I said, the boardwalk makes for a very comfortable, easy going day. In April, the green was still attempting to burst through. It's such versatile wilderness, and it's mesmerizing how close to the downtown area you are!

The dogs enjoyed the exercise, and we enjoyed the ease of the day! Conestee is a simple morning out, one I recommend to all Greenville area folk.

Apologies for this wilderness walkabout not being very... wilderness! As the Holidays approach, I was just reminded of a special day with my husband and dogs. We're very lucky to have each other! I hope everyone's Thanksgiving is special, if you celebrate it; and if not, I hope that the month of November wraps up smoothly for you!


  1. oh nice, i never knew this existed i'll have to check it out one day! We've been hitting up the swamp rabbit trail on the weekends. We'll have to change it up and check this place out sometime.

  2. They are actually extending the Swamp Rabbit soon to include Conestee! It's all part of the Conestee development plan!