Friday, April 8, 2011

Formerly Friday: King Creek Falls Spur, Chattooga Trail

It's been a while: understatement of the year! Last weekend, my husband and I finally got to some adventurin'! We took a drive to the lovely Chattooga River area in Oconee County last Sunday, and scouted out road markers and signs for future daytrips along the way!

For a scenic drive from Greenville, SC, follow Cherokee Foothills Scenic Highway 11 east through Pickens County into Oconee County. Follow signs to Walhalla (Highway 183), then turn right into Walhalla's downtown on Highway 28. You'll pass Oconee State Park entrances, including the stop for Issaqueena Falls and Stumphouse Tunnel (an incomplete railroad tunnel through the mountain that was abandoned at the outbreak of 'the War Between the States,' as the historical marker said), which make for a fun stop off! It's a bit of a scramble down to the base of Issaqueena, but totally worth it!

You'll follow 28 further into the mountains, winding along gorgeous scenery; it was a perfect 65-70 degrees, with not a cloud in sight, so we enjoyed our drive! From 28, take 107 into the Chattooga River Valley and Ellicott Wilderness Area. The turning is a ways down the road: Burrells Ford Road is the left hand turn you'll need! It's a gravel road that you'll follow for about a mile and a half until the parking area for the Burrells Ford campsite.

Burrells Ford has a porta-potty and well marked trailhead, so you can use the facilities... after an hour and a half in the car with my morning coffee, I was desperate. We made our way down the trail behind the trailhead; white blazes lead you down to the water and along for about .4 miles, where you cross the Foothills Trail! Follow the white blazed spur trail along a tributary of the Chattooga, and enjoy the dramatic shoals as you approach the glorious King Creek Falls!

It's an amazing spot! We stopped for about an hour, taking in the beautiful sunny day with the fresh spray of the falls! Pictures do not do this giant justice.

Roundtrip, the hike felt like less than a mile, but signs have it posted as exactly a mile each way. I have no idea, but Steven said he believes the signs... this may be due to the fact that I always tell him hikes will be easier than the turn out to be. I guess I'm just ambitious! It's well worth the drive for my Greenville fellows, and less than thirty miles from Cashiers and Highlands, NC.

Trail Recap:
King Creek Falls Spur off of Chattooga Trail (white blazes)

As always, thanks to the South Carolina Trails Program for their fantastic maps and information! Please please please check out the site for great outdoor adventures to be had in our fantastic state! South Carolina is such a great place to experience!

I dedicate this post to my darling Steven, whom I've had the privilege of being married to this past year... as we near our first wedding anniversary, I thank God for our past adventures, and companionship in future ventures! What other man could so aptly handle life with a bear, however micro?!

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