Friday, October 8, 2010

Formerly, Friday...

While I attempt to find some semblance of a routine with posting, hiking, etc, I will try to have a fortnightly Friday post that will catch up our hiking history, as well as give me a sense of fulfillment (seeming as only having two posts feels silly)! Next week, I'll be sure to put together a full report on our Sunday activities!

On our honeymoon, one of the hikes my husband and I attempted was the Lovers Leap Trail on the AT outside of Hot Springs, TN! It was a little drizzly that day, and I in my infinite wisdom had only packed prissy clothes for honeymooning in... typical of me.
We met the trail at the Silvermine Trailhead along the French Broad River. The first few switchbacks were pretty moderate, then elevation definitely picked up. You can follow the white AT blazes to get to the rocky outcroppings, and the views are worth the quick gain in elevation! It's over one and a half miles, and can be credited as the birthplace of my husband and I's favorite mutual phrase of endearment: "trail buddy."
Hot Springs is a great historic town, with natural springs that provide locals, tourists, and AT hikers alike with serious R&R. The springs are located amongst the ruins of a late nineteenth century resort; turns out Hot Springs was where the lucky few went to "take the air." Our honeymoon was our second visit out there and honestly, minus the obvious romantic associations the place has for me, we absolutely love the community.  Pisgah Forest and segments of the AT make for great day hikes!

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